Japanese Recipes with Autumn Ingredients

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Japanese Recipes with Autumn Ingredients

September marks the arrival of autumn in Japan.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter all produce their symbolic seasonal foods, but autumn in particular is so abundant in delicious foods that it is dubbed the "autumn of appetite."

From vegetables such as pumpkins, mushrooms and sweet potatoes, to fruits like grapes and pears, to fish such as saury and bonito, there are some particularly delicious foods to be found this season!

In this article, we introduce a few of Umami Recipe's recommended menus that showcase autumn ingredients.

Simmered Kabocha Squash

For many Japanese, a pumpkin dish is synonymous with the mouthwatering and sweet, simmered kabocha squash.
It is easy to make with basic seasonings that are always found in Japanese kitchens.
With a little ingenuity, such as peeling off the hard parts of the skin, the flavor of the seasonings will soak in easily into the pumpkin.

Pumpkin is in season in autumn and is often displayed in supermarkets.
As the wind gradually turns colder in autumn, the taste of soy sauce and sugar soaked pumpkin is a simple yet warming dish. If you drain off the juice, it can also be a side dish for a lunch box (Obento).

Simmered Kabocha Squash

Kabocha nimono is a standard Japanese home-cooked dish using kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin) simmered in sugar and soy sauce. It's easy to make with just a few ingredients, and the soft and crea...

Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Autumn is when mushrooms come into season, and this hamburger steak with a delicious starchy sauce takes full advantage of this edible fungi.
The plump and juicy hamburger steak is served with a Japanese sauce made from seasonal mushrooms and dashi broth. The sauce is thickened with potato starch and goes well with the hamburger steak.

The sauce is lightly flavored to bring out the aroma of the mushrooms to their fullest. Enjoy the Japanese style hamburger steak with soy sauce, dashi broth, and mushrooms, garnished with shiso leaves. You can also garnish it with grated daikon radish if you like.

Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Sauce

This Japanese twist on hamburger steak is full of flavor. The secret is in the sauce.

Chicken Wings with Teriyaki Butter

This is another great dish that uses sweet potatoes, a seasonal vegetable of autumn. If you have a choice of sweet potatoes, choose the less sweet ones to enhance the flavor of the butter and soy sauce. The chicken wings should be browned on the surface to give them a more fragrant and appetizing aroma.

The teriyaki flavor, which is standard in Japan, goes well with the ingredients.
This is a main dish that goes well with rice, making it a great centerpiece for the table!

Chicken Wings with Teriyaki Butter

This is a dish with a sweet teriyaki flavor and butter for a rich taste. It goes well with rice. The butter that is added afterwards retains its aroma and summons the appetite. Enjoy the juicy chicken...

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

These rice balls are perfect for a Halloween party with the kids.
They are too cute to eat, and they add to the mood of Halloween.
The ingredients are all easy for children to eat, like smoked salmon and seaweed.

The rice can be shaped into ghosts and pumpkin faces can be drawn... have fun and get creative making these with your children.
This is a great way to have a multicultural Halloween party!

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

We want to introduce three kinds of onigiri rice ball characters for Halloween ♪: a Jack O’Lantern, a Monster, and an Eyeball! All the ingredients are simple and easy to eat. This easy recip...

Enjoy Japanese Food in the "Autumn of Appetite"!

Pleasant weather and lots of seasonal foods.
Autumn in Japan is a season when a countless variety of seasonal vegetables, fish and fruits are at their most delicious.
Why not prepare a few of these dishes to feel the Japanese autumn and enjoy the season through Japanese cuisine?

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