The Best Places in Japan for Cooking Enthusiasts

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The Best Places in Japan for Cooking Enthusiasts

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a food lover's paradise. Not only are there restaurants, pubs, and cafes for eating and drinking, but there is also a wide variety of cooking tools and appliances for the cooking enthusiast up to professional chefs. If you like to cook, these are districts that you don't want to miss.

Kappabashi Dogu-gai in Tokyo

Kappabashi Dogu-gai is a shopping street located between Asakusa and Ueno. It is a stretch of shops with a long history, dating back to 1912.
It is lined with stores that sell a wide variety of goods, from cooking tools such as knives and cutting boards to tableware and foodstuffs.
There are about 170 stores in total. The quality of the products are so high that even professional chefs go here.
Here are some of the most popular products.

Japanese kitchen knives

Japanese kitchen knives are popular not only for their sharpness, but also for their durability and beauty. Many seem to associate the kitchen knife in the same spirit as a samurai sword.
Some stores have English-speaking staff, so they can recommend the best ones for your needs.

Japanese tableware

Japanese tableware comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. In Kappabashi, there are stores that sell a wide selection of Japanese tableware from all over Japan. The beauty of these dishes will elicit images of all the creative ways to arrange and serve a meal.

Food Replicas

Food replicas are models of dishes. In Japan, they are sometimes placed next to the entrance of restaurants as an alternative to a written menu. These replicas are often made by artisans and are so elaborate that it is hard to tell them apart from the real thing. Many people buy them as souvenirs.

100-yen stores: A Treasure Trove of Creative Goods

If you like to cook, you should definitely visit the 100 Yen Store.
There are many 100 yen stores in Tokyo. Surprisingly, a wide variety of products are available, from cooking utensils to kitchen storage goods, all for 100 yen (approximately 90 cents). They are full of products that make everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable, such as vegetable shredding gadgets and microwavable containers.
The Japanese also make use of items from the 100 yen store. A quick stroll through the aisles is sure to produce an exclamation like; "I've always wanted something like this!", and the best part is that all of the items are very affordable.
These shops can be a blessing for gift searching tourists, finishing their gift buying duties for family and friends back home, all at the 100 yen store.

Consumer Electronics Store

If you are interested in cooking appliances as well as cooking tools, a visit to an electronics retail store can be a surprisingly thrilling experience. In Tokyo, there are home appliance stores in many locations such as Shinjuku and Akihabara. Some of Japan's leading home appliance stores are Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and Yamada Denki.

The innovation of cooking appliances in Japan is unparalleled. Many of the innovations focus on ease of use and excellent performance, as well as creative new cooking appliances that allow you to do more in less time.
The most popular among foreign tourists is the rice cooker. Since Japan is a rice-eating culture, rice cookers are continually evolving with incremental improvements. The domestic competition is fierce, and these machines are always getting better. There are a wide variety of rice cookers, from those suitable for cooking only a small amount of rice to those that automatically calculate the amount of water needed depending on the brand of rice. When considering the purchase of a rice cooker, it is recommended that you check whether it is compatible with the voltage of your country.

Seasoning Specialty Stores

Seasonings are indispensable when cooking, and in Tokyo, there are many stores specializing in only this!

Here are a few indispensable seasonings for Japanese cooking:


There are stores specializing in miso, one of Japan's most popular seasoning. There are many kinds of miso in Japan, and at specialty stores, you can taste and choose the ones you like.


Next, there are stores that specialize in salt, which is the basis of seasoning. There are specialty stores with dozens of products, not limited to domestic varieties. Many people buy more than one type of salt to use in different dishes, as they all have different colors and aromas.


There are also specialty stores that specialize in spices that add impact to dishes. There are a wide range of uses for spices, from curry spices and pepper to spices that go well with alcoholic beverages.

Toyosu Market in Tokyo

Toyosu Market showcases a variety of goods, including marine products, vegetables, meat and flowers. Individual consumers can access and purchase items for the market, but the market also serves the function of selling products wholesale to middlemen and restaurants through auction and bidding methods.
The market was relocated from Tsukiji to Toyosu in 2018.
The appeal of Toyosu Market is undoubtedly the delicious food and the lively market people. In addition to that, there are many restaurants that serve food made from fresh ingredients. Sushi, tempura, soba (buckwheat noodles) and other typical Japanese dishes are available.

Made in Japan

In Japan, there are many useful cooking goods and products with excellent performance. Tokyo, the center of Japan, is the place where they are all concentrated. All of the places introduced here are places that any cooking enthusiast should visit at least once. Experience "Made in Japan" filled with the care and craftsmanship of the Japanese people.

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