5 Easy to Make Salmon Recipes

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5 Easy to Make Salmon Recipes

In Japan, salmon is popular to eat as sushi or sashimi. Of course, salmon is also delicious when cooked.

In this article, we will introduce five excellent recipes that use salmon. We have collected recipes that use traditional Japanese seasonings and popular ways of eating salmon, so why not try them at home.

Salmon Teriyaki

First, we introduce you to teriyaki salmon.
Teriyaki is a dish seasoned with soy sauce and sugar to make it sweet and salty. The seasoning goes well not only with salmon, but also with chicken. The key to this recipe is to add butter at the end. Also, if you marinate the salmon in the seasoning for 20 minutes, it will soak up the flavor better. When boiling down the seasoning, be careful not to let it burn too much, and shake the pan to coat the salmon.
Teriyaki salmon is a side dish that goes well with white rice.
In Japan, salmon is also popular to be simply grilled with salt or made into sushi.

Salmon is often thought to be a red fish because of its beautiful pink color, but it is actually a white fish. The pink color comes from the accumulation of astaxanthin contained in the small shrimp and plankton it feeds on. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that prevents cell aging. Salmon also contains DHA and EPA, which are lipids that cannot be produced by the human body. They are believed to have effects such as regulating immune functions and burning fat.

Salmon Teriyaki

You'll love this salmon sauteed in salty-sweet teriyaki sauce. This recipe uses butter as a finishing touch, which makes the dish richer and fuller. It goes well with rice, and you can easily make...

Japanese Style Salmon Meuniere

Next is a recipe for salmon meuniere.
Meuniere is a type of French cuisine in which ingredients are dusted with flour and baked. In this recipe, we use salmon, a favorite food of the Japanese, and gave it a Japanese twist. The aroma of garlic stimulates the appetite, and a touch of white wine adds class. You can enjoy this dish at home as if you were eating it in a restaurant.

This recipe uses fresh, unsalted salmon. Some products on the market are labeled as salted. If you use this type of salmon, it is recommended to reduce the amount of salt and pepper.

The kaware-daikon used in the garnish is a sprout of the daikon radish. It has a pungent taste and is used in salads or as a topping. It contains nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C. Potassium is effective in preventing swelling, and vitamin C is effective in producing collagen. It also contains beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. This is a nutrient that is not found in radishes, and is necessary for maintaining healthy skin, mucous membranes, and eye function.

One bite of the buttery, flavorful salmon is sure to mesmerize.

Japanese Style Salmon Meuniere

Try this Japanese twist on a French classic. This salmon meuniere recipe makes use of soy sauce and its aroma blends well with the flavor of white wine. Pair the dish with your favorite sides, or if y...

Salmon with Miso and Butter

Salmon chan chan yaki is a local dish from the Ishikari region of Hokkaido.
It is seasoned sweetly with miso and sugar. Locally, it is often grilled on a large griddle, but this recipe is made in a frying pan. Another feature of the recipe is that it uses a lot of vegetables. We use seven kinds, including cabbage and carrots. It is a colorful dish that will stimulate your appetite. Crispy salmon baked in fragrant butter locks in the flavor and goes well with sweet miso.

Miso is one of Japan's traditional seasonings. It is used in a variety of dishes in Japan. It is full of flavor and becomes very tasty when combined with dashi, as in this recipe. It is made from soybeans. Soybean isoflavone is an ingredient that has a beautiful skin effect. Miso is made by fermentation. This process produces a lot of amino acids and vitamins. It can be said to be a very nutritious seasoning.

Please try this traditional Japanese seasoning and a dish made with lots of vegetables.

Salmon with Miso and Butter

Salmon Chan Chan Yaki is a local specialty of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. It makes use of corn and butter, which are characteristic of Hokkaido's dishes. The dish also makes use of ...

Homemade Salmon Flakes

The next item we would like to introduce is salmon furikake. Furikake is something that is eaten over rice and other foods, and is available in a variety of flavors such as egg, cod roe, and bonito flakes.
In this recipe, we use salmon to make furikake by hand.

It is very easy to make. All you have to do is grill the salmon and season it with seasonings as you let the meat flake. You can adjust how much to flake the salmon and how much to remove the water as you like. If you mix sesame seeds, it becomes even more fragrant and goes very well with rice.
In Japan, there is a dish called Onigiri which are rice balls shaped like a triangle or circle. If you mix this furikake with rice and make it into an onigiri, it is also excellent.

Homemade Salmon Flakes

This handmade furikake has a satisfying texture with overflowing umami flavor from the salmon. The taste will leave you wanting for more rice, as it pairs extremely well with it. The furikake tastes g...

Takikomi-Gohan with Salmon, Potatoes and Butter

Lastly, we have the takikomi-gohan, rice cooked with salmon.
Takikomi-gohan is a dish in which vegetables and seasonings are steamed together with rice.
In this recipe, the potatoes and salmon are not just cooked together, but are baked in a pan before cooking. In this way, the sweetness of the potatoes increases and the flavor of the salmon is locked in. It also adds a savory aroma to the dish, making it even more delicious. The soup is flavored simply with soy sauce and a base of bonito and kombu dashi. The flavor is enhanced by adding butter after the rice is cooked. From the time it is cooking, it smells delicious and you can't wait to see the happy faces around the kitchen table. 

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. In general, vitamin C is weak against heat, but the vitamin C in potatoes is resistant to heat. This recipe uses new potatoes, which are available in the market in spring. The skin is thin and can be eaten without peeling.

Rice with Salmon, Potatoes and Butter

This flavorful dish gets the whole family excited--it is the variation rich takikomi gohan, or seasoned rice, full of exciting ingredients! Hot potatoes complement the salted salmon, and adding but...

Many Ways to Arrange Salmon

We have introduced some of our favorite recipes to expand your repertoire of salmon dishes. Salmon is a fish that goes well with a variety of seasonings such as butter, soy sauce, and miso.
It can be eaten raw or baked in endless ways. It is a fish that is easy for children to eat and is often used in school lunches and nursery schools in Japan.

Try your hand at cooking salmon.

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