5 Easy and Healthy Tofu Recipes within 15 minutes

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5 Easy and Healthy Tofu Recipes within 15 minutes

Tofu has gained popularity as a healthy soy-based food and is now available in supermarkets outside of Japan.

Tofu has been cultivated and perfected in Japan for centuries and there have developed many types of dishes that accentuate tofu's qualities. In this article, we introduce several recipes that make tofu tasty and are easy to prepare.

We also explore the nutritional benefits of tofu, so go ahead and try making any of these dishes!

Deep-Fried Tofu with Dashi: Agedashi-tofu (15 minutes)

Agedashi-tofu is a dish made by coating tofu with potato starch or flour before deep-frying. In this recipe, potato starch is used. The trick is to deep-fry until the batter turns a light brown color. Tofu is a food with high water content and may burst if fried directly in oil. To prevent this from happening, it is important to drain the tofu by wrapping it in paper towels. The crispy fried tofu is served with a sauce consisting of light soy sauce. There are two main types of soy sauce, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce, where the light soy sauce is lighter in color. Because of its lighter look, people tend to think that it tastes lighter, but the salt concentration is actually higher. Yet, the lighter color makes for a clearer, more elegant looking sauce. The dish is topped with freshly flavored ginger and scallion.

Deep-Fried Tofu with Dashi souce

Agedashi tofu is tofu coated with a thin batter, deep-fried, then doused with delicious soup stock. It's a standard item in izakaya and restaurants in Japan, but it also makes the perfect side dis...

Tofu Topped with Minced Chicken (15 minutes)

Here is a recipe that transforms the bland flavor of tofu into a hearty side dish. Sautéed spring onions and minced chicken, seasoned with yakiniku sauce, are placed on top of tofu. The yakiniku sauce is not only salty but also sweet and pairs well with the chicken. It is also a great way to easily add flavor without using any other seasoning.

The tofu used in this recipe is silken tofu. It is softer than cotton (momen) tofu. Of course, tofu is delicious on its own, but when combined with meat as in this recipe, it becomes much more satisfying. It also makes a great side for drinks.

Tofu Topped with Chicken Mince

Simple tofu can be transformed into a hearty dish with some savory chicken! This recipe is also recommended as a side dish, going well with steamed rice or as a snack with sake. Tofu is a healthy ingr...

Meatless Tofu Soboro Mince (15 minutes)

Tofu soboro is a satisfying dish with a texture just like meat. By draining the tofu and frying it while letting the water drain off, the result is a meat-like heartiness. Tofu is low in fat compared to meat and is a healthy substitute.

Tofu soboro is seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and miso. The addition of miso adds richness to the dish, making it a meal that combines well with both rice and noodles. In addition, the aroma of sesame oil stimulates the appetite. You will be amazed at the texture of the tofu when you take a bite. Give it a try!

Tofu Soboro Mince

The Japanese word "soboro" usually refers to any type of marinated ground meat with a crumbly texture. This recipe makes use of tofu instead of meat, which makes it healthier and lower in ca...

Large Takoyaki with Tofu (15 minutes)

Takoyaki is a type of round shaped food that includes batter made of flour, eggs, and water, mixed with octopus and Japanese leek. After it is cooked, the takoyaki is topped with a thick sweet and salty sauce, mayonnaise, aonori (green laver) and bonito flakes.

The batter for takoyaki is usually made with flour, but this recipe is different. Replacing flour is tofu, eggs and potato starch. The texture is fluffier than that of flour batter, and the crunchy texture of the green onions stands out. Flavorful red ginger add a nice accent to the dish.

Also, by making the dough with tofu instead of flour, it becomes a gluten-free dish. Gluten is produced when water is added to flour and then kneaded. Flour contains proteins called gliadin and glutenin, and when these two are combined, gluten is formed. Gluten-free has been adopted as a treatment for celiac disease, which causes abdominal pain, fatigue, and other health problems due to gluten intake. In recent years, more and more people in Japan, even those who do not have celiac disease, have been taking gluten-free diets to improve their skin and physical condition. This is a particularly good recipe for people interested in a gluten free diet.

Large Takoyaki with Tofu

This is a large Takoyaki in the shape of Okonomiyaki (vegetable & meat pancake), made in a frying pan. As one of the main ingredients is tofu, the result is a sugar-free, healthy and gluten-free m...

Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce (10 minutes)

To top off the list is a recipe that replaces steak with tofu! In this recipe, mushrooms are simmered in broth and soy sauce, and then covered with a thickened sauce. The tofu should be well drained so that it can be grilled to a crisp. The garlic used in the seasoning gives it an appetizing aroma. The crispy tofu steak is topped with a flavorful mushroom sauce.

Tofu steak contains less calories and fat than meat steaks. Mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, which can help improve the intestinal environment and improve bowel movements.

Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Imagine this: tofu coated in katakuriko potato starch flour, grilled to a crisp and drizzled with mushroom sauce. Mm-mmm. Tofu steak is high in protein and low in calories, which makes it a perfect fo...

Tofu can be Arranged Any Way You Like!

"Tofu is an incredibly versatile food. With its neutral taste, it can accommodate many tastes. We have introduced several simple recipes that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. There is more than one way to eat tofu; you can fry it, bake it, combine it with meat, or if you wish, actually replace meat with tofu completely. You can arrange it in any way you like depending on how you cook it and what ingredients you combine. Furthermore, tofu can be purchased at Japanese supermarkets at a very low price. If you visit Japan, I highly recommend you visit a tofu shop. You will be able to find tofu with a rich soybean flavor that is unique to that store.

If you want to know more about tofu, take a look at this article.

History and Types of Tofu in Japan

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