Loving Sweets the Gluten-Free Way!

By Umami Recipe
Loving Sweets the Gluten-Free Way!

Some may think that Japanese food is a healthy option when choosing a type of cuisine. That hasn't stopped the idea of health-consciousness to grow stronger amongst the Japanese in recent years, with gluten-free foods making a buzz in the media and appearing in supermarkets. In this article, we will introduce a number of Japanese sweets that surprisingly can be made without flour or grains. The selection presented here is easy to make at home, so give them a try.

What is Gluten Anyway?

The term gluten-free has become commonplace, popping up online, in cookbooks and as options in cafes and restaurants. As the phrase suggests, we are talking about foods without gluten, but what exactly is gluten, and what are the benefits of not consuming it?

Gluten is a type of protein produced by grains such as wheat, barley, and rye, and when kneaded with water, it creates elasticity. That's why it is often found in bread, pizza, and pastries, making it a very familiar ingredient.

Alas, it has been reported that excessive consumption of gluten can cause constipation, indigestion and allergic reactions. Of course, the impact of gluten depends from person to person but there does seem to be a fairly broad consensus that a gluten-free diet can help relieve constipation, diarrhea, and improve the intestinal environment. Many may find this attractive, as an improved internal environment can also help prevent acne and rough skin.

Gluten-Free Matcha Scone with Oatmeal

Matcha Scone with Oatmeal

Brighten up your morning with a delicious matcha and white chocolate scone. The oatmeal in this tasty matcha dessert does not only add texture but also gives you a boost in dietary fiber and iron. The...

First, we have gluten-free scones made with rice flour instead of wheat flour. The addition of oatmeal provides plenty of dietary fiber and a crunchy texture to the scones. The bitterness of the matcha green tea offsets the sweetness of white chocolate, making these scones a perfect choice for breakfast or as a snack. Have fun with the recipe by kneading white or dark chocolate into the dough.

Healthy with Tofu! Rich Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Tofu Chocolate Cake

Such a rich and moist chocolate cake will leave you questioning whether the main ingredient is really tofu! Even if health consciousness is not your top priority, you'll be very satisfied with thi...

This chocolate cake is made with tofu as the main ingredient. The flour is replaced with rice flour, making this cake deliciously gluten-free! Tofu tends to give the cake a light texture, but thanks to the chocolate and coconut oil, it becomes incredibly moist and dense, and if you don't tell people it's made with tofu, they may not even notice!

It's a wonder that such a rich chocolate cake can also be gluten-free and made with tofu, which makes it double good for the body.

Rice Flour Gluten Free Castella with 4 Ingredients

Rice Flour Castella Sponge Cake

Did you know that you can bake a fluffy and moist castella with just four ingredients? Not only that, but you can also make it gluten-free by using rice flour. Enjoy this delicious, allergy-free Japan...

With only four ingredients, you can make a gluten-free castella. No need for fancy cooking tools either: a common cake pan will do the trick. The sweet, sponge-cake like texture can lead people to think that this is a Western confectionery, but it is classified as a Japanese sweet because it was introduced to Nagasaki port from Portugal in the 16th century and then modified by Japanese confectioners to suit the Japanese taste.

The sweetness of the sugar and the aroma of the eggs combine to create a Japanese confection that has been loved by all from small children to the elderly for generations. It is made without wheat flour, so people with gluten allergies can enjoy it without worry.

Gluten-free Fluffy Pancakes

Fluffy Rice Flour Pancakes

Japan's fluffy pancakes have been a buzz all over social media in recent years. It may look challenging, but you can easily make it at home. You can even make it gluten-free using rice flour. Thes...

Here is a recipe for making fluffy and soft pancakes just like you would find at a cafe or restaurant. The key is to prepare and mix the meringue first. Since the recipe is gluten-free your body will thank you!

Top it with your favorite cream or fruit and enjoy it as you like.

Healthy with Gluten-free Sweets

Let's get rid of the perception that sweets are high in harmful calories and sugar! Umami Recipe introduces a number of gluten-free sweets that are also kind to the body... and guilt free! All ingredients in the recipes introduced here are those commonly found at home or your neighborhood supermarket. Step out of your normal routine and try these Japanese style gluten free sweets!

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