Simple Japanese Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less

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Simple Japanese Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less

For those of us who can't find time between work and household demands, we have good news for you! Here are several Japanese recipes that can be easily prepared in 30 minutes or less. From main dishes to side dishes, there are a surprising number of Japanese recipes that you can cook in less than 30 minutes.

Let's rid the false perception that cooking Japanese has to be long in preparation and difficult to season. With half an hour, you can have delicious Japanese tastes fit nicely into your daily life.

Tofu Topped with Roasted Ground Chicken [15 mins]

Tofu Topped with Chicken Mince

Simple tofu can be transformed into a hearty dish with some savory chicken! This recipe is also recommended as a side dish, going well with steamed rice or as a snack with sake. Tofu is a healthy ingr...

Tofu is well known as a healthy food packed with all sorts of nutrients. There is no doubt that it is healthy, but may lack satisfaction if eaten by itself. A quick fix is to combine it with minced chicken, catapulting it into a hearty dish.

All it takes is stir-frying the minced chicken and topping it on microwaved tofu. A mere 15 minutes and the meal is ready to be enjoyed.

It can be served as a main dish with steamed rice or eaten by itself as a meal or snack. Give it a try!

Japanese Potato Salad [20 mins]

Japanese Potato Salad

Enjoy the simple but refreshing taste of this Japanese-style potato salad. The cucumbers add a crunch to the soft and fluffy mashed potatoes, and the seasoning makes it uniquely Japanese. The ham adds...

This potato salad is a classic dish and a favorite among young and older alike. Finely sliced cucumbers and ham, amongst other optional vegetables and seasonings take satisfaction levels over the top.

It is easily served as a main salad, but is also a popular side dish for at home meals and lunch boxes. Savour the harmony of potatoes, crunchy cucumbers and succulent ham. Just mix the boiled potatoes with the sliced ingredients and seasonings in a few simple steps. The slight aroma of vinegar will stimulate your appetite and cause chopsticks to accelerate!

Braised Chicken and Vegetables [25 mins]

Braised Chicken and Vegetables

This delicious dish comes from Japan's southern region, Kyushu. Simmered in soy sauce, the chicken comes out soft and the root vegetables chewy. It pairs well with a bowl of steamy white rice. Enj...

Common sense tells us that it takes time for flavors to soak into stewed dishes, perhaps causing you to think twice before cooking it on a tight schedule.

With this recipe, you can make authentic "Chikuzen-ni" in about 25 minutes. The combination of the shiitake mushroom broth and dashi broth gives the dish a deeper and richer flavor. Note that the order that you add the ingredients matters! Add root vegetables first because they take a longer time to cook and shiitake mushrooms and green beans later.

Root vegetables such as burdocks and carrots are the standard ingredients, but you can also add seasonal vegetables such as bamboo shoots or most other vegetables left in the refrigerator.

Japanese Ginger Pork / Shogayaki [20 mins]

Japanese Ginger Pork

With its mouthwatering sweet and spicy sauce and the inviting aroma of ginger, Shogayaki is among the most popular dishes in Japan. It pairs well with rice and is commonly served at home as well as in...

Gingered pork is one of the most popular pork dishes in Japan. The savory aroma of soy sauce and the fresh scent of ginger go well together, and since it is oftentimes served with a side of shredded cabbage, you can also take in plenty of dietary fiber.

All you have to do is grill the pork and stir-fry it with the seasonings, and it will be ready in about 20 minutes. The dish works equally as well with thinly sliced pork or thicker pork for a steak-like affect. Or you can serve it as a "donburi," with the shredded cabbage and gingered meat over a hot bowl of white rice!

Japanese Cuisine on the Go!

Dispel thoughts that Japanese cuisine means many ingredients with unfamiliar steps. There are many home-cooked dishes that can be easily prepared in 30 minutes or less, and with one pot or frying pan.

These quick dishes are a great initiation into the world of Japanese cuisine. Try them out when you don't have a lot of time or as a way to test the waters of new culinary sensations!

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