Vegan Main Dishes for a Healthy Mind and Body!

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Vegan Main Dishes for a Healthy Mind and Body!

As many restaurants are now offering vegan menus, and the 2020 Academy Awards ceremony announced that all food served will be vegan, the concept of no animal products in foods is becoming a familiar one.

Vegan generally indicates zero use of animal meats and animal by-products, including meats, seafood, eggs and dairy products. To the uninitiated, veganism may seem like a sacrifice of nutrition and satisfaction for a certain way of life. Umami Recipe hopes to replace these impressions with a series of vegan dishes that will leave both your body and taste-buds healthy and happy.

If you are new to vegan dishes, now is as good a time to try as ever!

The Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian

Compared to vegetarians who choose not to eat meat or seafood, vegans go a step further and also choose not to eat dairy products or eggs. For this reason, they are also known as complete vegetarians. Veganism was born around 1944 in the United Kingdom, as a way to eliminate the consumption of all animal derived products.

This lifestyle, which avoids the exploitation of animals as much as possible, not only in food but also in clothing and daily life, has attracted a great deal of attention from both moral and environmental perspectives. A vegan-centered diet has many great benefits for the body.
For example, you will naturally be eating less fat, which will help you lose weight, and you will be eating a vegetable-based diet, which will help boost your immune system and eliminate bowel problems. However, not eating meat and fish can lead to a lack of protein. As a countermeasure, consuming quality oils such as from beans and avocados to ensure a balanced diet can be a good idea.

Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Tofu, which is nutritious but has a light and simple flavor, becomes a solid main dish when grilled steak style. The slight scent of garlic and the delicious taste of mushrooms further stimulate the appetite. This dish can be served as a side dish with rice or as a snack with drinks.

Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Imagine this: tofu coated in katakuriko potato starch flour, grilled to a crisp and drizzled with mushroom sauce. Mm-mmm. Tofu steak is high in protein and low in calories, which makes it a perfect fo...

Vegetable & Bean Dumplings

Gyoza dumplings may elicit thoughts of savory ground meat. In fact, delicious dumplings are possible without the traditional pork, which can be substituted with soybeans for a juicy and filling result.

There are no difficult cooking steps, as you can use a microwave oven and food processor.
The textured consistency of the soybeans combined with the moisture from the vegetables creates a taste that makes this vegan meal worthy of the main dish status on any dinner table.

Vegetable & Bean Dumplings

This vegan gyoza recipe makes use of soybeans, which feels and tastes like meat but with fewer calories. Not to mention these dumplings are easy to make, too. Get your microwave and food processor rea...

Vegan Corn Cream Croquettes

This croquette is a delicious vegan choice that locks in the sweetness of onions and creamed corn. Japanese croquettes often use minced meat, but this recipe doesn't use any at all, so you get all the flavor of the vegetables for an unexpectedly good taste. The addition of the cream of corn gives it a rich and creamy texture that kids will love!

Vegan Corn Cream Croquettes

Try this creamy, mild-tasting croquette with corn and potatoes. The recipe doesn't use any meat. A must-try for vegans and vegetarians!

Bring Vegan Food into Your Daily Life

Adding vegetables and beans to a diet will add to the body's health and overall nutritional balance. If you're already a vegan cook, adding these recipes should diversify your repertoire! If you are just starting to dabble in veganism, incorporating these dishes into your diet will help in making you a more conscientious and healthy eater. Otherwise, you may find that you like these recipes, regardless of them being vegan!

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