5 Warm Soup Recipes

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5 Warm Soup Recipes

In the cold season, we enjoy soup that warms us up.

In this article, we introduce five hot soup recipes that are sure to heat the body to the core.

We have picked out those that allow you to taste the natural flavors of the vegetables and meat while also getting the flavor of the broth. They are all useful for keeping in shape and good health during winter.

Miso Soup with Radish and Fried Tofu

First of all, we share with you a recipe for a classic Japanese miso soup.
This recipe uses the popular combination of daikon and fried tofu.
The light flavor of daikon increases its sweetness when cooked, making it very tasty. It tastes even better when combined with rich fried tofu. Abura-age is tofu, a popular healthy food made from soybeans, cut into thin slices and deep fried. Before cutting, pour boiling water over the tofu to remove excess fat so that the flavor can easily penetrate. Simmer the ingredients in the broth and lower the heat when adding the miso. If you put miso into boiling water, the flavor will be spoiled. Also, if you add miso in clumps, it will not dissolve properly. It is best to dissolve miso and a small amount of broth in a small bowl before adding it. In Japan, a device for dissolving miso is available for purchase. 

You can use any ingredients you like in miso soup. Feel free to experiment to suit your taste.

Miso Soup with Radish and Fried Tofu

We introduce popular miso soup with daikon radish and aburaage among miso soup with various ingredients. This is a dish with the rich flavor of aburaage added to the voluminous daikon radish soaked in...

Easy-to-Cook Kenchin Soup

The following is a recipe for Kenchin Jiru.
There are many theories about the origin of the name Kenchin Jiru. The most popular theory is that it was derived from "Kencho no Jiru" (Kencho's soup) since it was born at Kenchoji Temple, built in the Kamakura period.
It is a soup made with plenty of vegetables and crumbled tofu. It is standard to add root vegetables and konnyaku. In this recipe, fried tofu and chicken thighs are also added to add richness. Seasonings are added to the broth, and the prepared ingredients are added to the broth and heated in a microwave oven. The key to this recipe is to eliminate the need to cook the ingredients in a pot, which is commonly done. The tofu is wrapped in a paper towel and heated in the microwave to remove excess water. This is called draining, and it makes it easier for the flavors to soak in. The flavors and tastes of each of the ingredients melt into this dish. One bite and you will feel relaxed and at ease.

Tofu is made from soybeans, and the soy milk is hardened with magnesium chloride obtained from seawater. This magnesium chloride is known as bittern. Tofu contains isoflavones, which are known to be effective in preventing cancer and osteoporosis, and saponins, which have shown to improve and prevent obesity and prevent arteriosclerosis. It is also expected to have anti-aging effects and is beneficial for beautiful skin. Tofu is also high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy food.

Easy-to-Cook Kenchin Soup

This vegetable soup will warm you up just right. Kenchin-jiru draws its roots from Japanese Buddhist cuisine and it's usually prepared using root vegetables and tofu as the main ingredients. It...

Soup Curry Ton-Jiru (Pork Soup)

Here is a dish that fuses spicy soup curry with pork soup.
We use a lavish amount of juicy pork belly block. Once the pork belly block is browned, the flavor is locked in. The sweet carrots, onions, and fragrant burdock root are a perfect match for the pork. 
The spicy curry powder and sweet white miso are in perfect balance. When dashi and soy sauce, the foundation of the flavor, are added to the dish, it is truly exquisite. Frying the flour in oil will thicken the soup and keep it from getting cold. When adding water to the fried flour, add it a little at a time to prevent lumps from forming and to make the soup more delicious. It also goes well with rice. You won't get tired of it until the final byte.

Soup Curry Ton-Jiru (Pork Soup)

For many, Japanese curry is a smooth curry roux with generously cut ingredients. A variation of this traditional curry, we introduce a soup curry combined with pork miso soup that keeps the large ingr...

Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage

How about a ginger flavored soup with chicken and lots of vegetables?
The key to this recipe is to prepare the ingredients, put them in the pot in a specific order, and then just leave them alone. The flavor of the chicken thighs and the sweetness of the vegetables dissolve into the consommé-flavored soup, making it very tasty.
Once it comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low and let it simmer for a while. The addition of freshly-scented, pungent ginger gives the soup a light and refreshing taste.

The pungent ingredients in ginger are called gingerols. They are effective in promoting blood circulation and maintaining body temperature. It helps to keep your body warm and toasty. It is also said to be effective in improving blood cholesterol levels.

Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage

With this recipe, prepare a nutritionally balanced and delicious soup containing about half the recommended daily intake of vegetables. The steps are as easy as adding all the ingredients together in ...

Chicken Dumpling Soup

Lastly, we introduce chicken dango (dumpling) soup.

Handmade chicken dumplings made with minced chicken and spring onions are simmered in broth. When you hear the word ""simmer,"" you may have the image of taking a long time to cook in a pot. However, this recipe is easy to make using a microwave oven.
There are two types of soy sauce: dark soy sauce and light soy sauce. In general, dark soy sauce is often used. Light soy sauce is lighter in color than dark soy sauce, but it contains more salt than dark soy sauce.
Sumashi-jiru is made so that the broth does not take on too much color. For this reason, light soy sauce is preferable.
Yuzu peels, a citrus fruit, can be added as a finishing touch to give it a very fragrant and elegant taste.

In Japan, this soup is often served not only at home but also at ryotei restaurants. 

Chicken Dumpling Soup

In this article, we will look at a healthy chicken dumpling and spring onion (sumashi) soup. The soup has a transparent broth lightly seasoned with dashi, salt and soy sauce. Different from the more w...

Warm Soup for the Body and Soul!

We introduced some of the most popular soups in Japan, such as miso soup and sumashi soup, as well as consommé soup using ginger.
Some of them were easy to make using a microwave oven. All of the soups are excellent, with the sweetness and richness of the ingredients dissolved.
It tastes even better when combined with the flavor of dashi. Try using traditional Japanese seasonings such as miso and soy sauce to expand your cooking repertoire.

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