Taste of Japan in Your Kitchen
Taste of Japan in Your Kitchen

Collection of Cookies Information

Last updated: December 21, 2020

  1. Cookies

    Cookies are data stored in the user’s hard disk which includes information about the customers (users). We shall not use Cookies to identify an individual. We use Cookies for purposes such as improving its services, measuring the effects of customization and advertisements of its websites. Additionally, we identify items of higher interest degree of customers by performing statistical processing on Cookies and make good use of the results. Also, we apply it in the prevention of unauthorized access to its websites. Cookies can be invalid upon the customer’s request, but the customer will no longer be able to use the Services.

  2. Logfile

    We collect certain information automatically and keep it in a log file. The certain information includes IP (Internet Protocol) address, kind of browser, ISP(Internet Service Provider), web pages that are seen or closed, operating system and time stamp. We use the information in order to detect unauthorized access to its websites. We also conduct trend analysis of its customers to manage its websites and track user behavior. However, we use the information while making it impossible to identify an individual, and never use obtained information for the purposes other than as described above.

  3. Web Beacon

    We use web beacons for traffic analysis and affiliate programs. We never use a web beacon for the purposes other than as described above or in order to identify an individual.

  4. Statistical analysis

    We grasps which sites or services are popular among its customers and keeps a record of pages seen by the customers, by using an analysis tool for third party access. We use the data in order to provide the customers who have shown interests in specific fields with suitable contents and advertisements on VELTRA website. We also collect statistical information that does not identify an individual. Furthermore, the Cookie information collected by We and another company may be available for inspection between the two parties on the analysis tool for third party access.