Baked Sushi Tacos

Baked Sushi Tacos

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Baked Sushi Tacos

Tacos are an iconic Mexican dish with ingredients wrapped in a tortilla, a flat dough-based wrap made from mashed corn. People commonly eat tacos by adding salsa sauce on grilled meat and finely chopped vegetables. Inspired by the taco, this recipe applies the spirit of the taco to a Japanese classic, sushi.

Baked Sushi Tacos

Sushi has become a symbolic Japanese food known widely around the world. Sushi rolls, conveyor belt sushi restaurants and high-class sushi bars have become popular in many places. Sushi tacos calls for a different method of preparation than the traditional sushi, but all the same, it will be the center of attention at any potluck party!

Japanese food culture in Hawaii, introduced by Japanese immigrants, has evolved with locally available ingredients. Sushi tacos might adopted the idea of Japanese gomoku sushi and chirashi-zushi (vinegared rice mixed with various ingredients). Hand-rolling the rice with seaweed makes sushi tacos an easy to eat finger food. Also, lightly roasted kanikama (crab-flavored fish paste) or crab sticks and mayonnaise give it a smoky aroma. Give this new twist on the traditional sushi a try!

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  • 1.76  oz Crab stick
  • tbsp Mayonnaise
  • oz Shibazuke
  • tbsp Tobiko
  • 6.3  oz Steamed rice
  • as needed Avocado
  • as needed Cucumber
  • as needed Takuan (pickled radish)
  • as needed Nori seaweed (for hand-rolling)


Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 1

Chop the shibazuke finely and mix with rice.

※Shibazuke = vegetables pickled in salt with red shiso leaves

Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 2

Combine crab stick and mayonnaise.

Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 3

Place the rice mixed with shizakizuke on a heatproof plate, and cover the rice with the crab stick mixed with mayonnaise.

Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 4

Using an oven, broil the surface of the crab sticks.

Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 5

Top with tobiko and decorate with toppings of your choice.
(In this recipe we use takuan, cucumber, and avocado)

Baked Sushi Tacos

Step 6

Wrap with a quartered piece of nori seaweed, enjoy taco-style!


  • When broiling the crabstick, if the rice is visible, the rice will burn and become hard. The rice should be covered with the crabstick completely so that it is not visible.
  • Eating with soy sauce or wasabi is also good.
  • You can use any kind of pickled vegetables you like.
Japanese Culinary Expert living in Hawaii

Yuri has lived in the U.S. for 19 years. Proud of her family roots, Yuri was born and raised in Japan where her mother's family ran a supermarket, All the relatives lived in the same area and worked by doing things together. The environment she grew up in, the cooking she learned from her mother and the flavors she learned in the U.S. all inform her home cooking. Yuri's dishes are those that her family would enjoy. She believes that "surrounding the dinner table with the people you love is one of the most important and happy times in your life".