Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage


  • By
    Reiko Kono
  • Time
    20 minutes
Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage

With this recipe, prepare a nutritionally balanced and delicious soup containing about half the recommended daily intake of vegetables. The steps are as easy as adding all the ingredients together in one pot. Even for beginner cooks, you'll have no problems with this super simple recipe. This soup, containing vegetables and ginger, warms your body and is perfect for cold days.

Changing the Perception of Japanese Soup
When talking about Japanese soup, most people would think of miso soup as an obvious example as it’s a dish most visitors to the country are familiar with. This soup recipe, however, uses a household consommé stock cube. The meat and vegetables are stewed rather than stir-fried, bringing a refreshing taste. The fat in the chicken legs add a rich flavor and makes it more filling. When simmered with ginger and sake, the undesired smell of the chicken disappears.

The Nutritional Power of Ginger
Ginger contains many nutrients such as vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Aside from this, it also has three notable substances that contribute to its scent and spiciness. They are called gingerol, and zingerone and are known to warm up the body, improve metabolism and boost the body’s immune system. When added to meat, raw ginger also makes the meat smell less intense and makes it tender.

Ginger has been used in Japanese cooking for hundreds of years thanks to its abundant nutrients. In Japan, when you catch a cold, you are encouraged to eat ginger soup or ginger porridge. It has been embedded in Japanese cuisine for its distinctive flavor and health benefits.

Would you like to enjoy this hearty dish with a harmony of ginger and vegetables?

Nutrition per Serving
  • Calories
  • Sodium
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Cholesterol


  • 10.6  oz Chicken thigh
  • 8.8  oz Cabbage
  • 2.8  oz Carrots
  • 3.5  oz Shimeji mushrooms
    • A
    • 2.5  cup Water
    • 0.2  cup Sake
    • clove Ginger
  • 0.2  oz Chicken bouillon
  • tsp Soy sauce
  • a pinch Salt
  • a pinch Pepper


Step 1

Cut the chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces and season with a pinch of salt.
Cut the cabbage into chunks and the carrots into thin slices.
Rinse away any dirt from the shimeji mushrooms and separate into small bunches.
Cut the ginger into thin slices.

Step 2

Put ingredients (A) in a pot and heat.
When it comes to a boil, quickly cook the chicken thighs and remove the scum.

Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage

Step 3

Add cabbage, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, and chicken stock, cover, bring to a boil, and simmer over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ginger Flavored Soup with Chicken and Cabbage

Step 4

Add soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

Doctor / Culinary Expert

A doctor who’s also a mother of a ten year-old daughter, Reiko has made contributions on the theme, "disease prevention that starts in the kitchen", proposing simple and delicious health recipes that can be realized by busy parents. Her goal is to spread preventive medicine to the home from the viewpoint of food. She also works in health and dietary education for children as it is important that correct knowledge of foods and health starts at a young age. Her motto is "sharing healthy, delicious and easy to make dishes for everyone".