Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

Halloween Onigiri

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    Anna Tanaka
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    5 minutes
Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

We want to introduce three kinds of onigiri rice ball characters for Halloween ♪: a Jack O’Lantern, a Monster, and an Eyeball!
All the ingredients are simple and easy to eat.
This easy recipe is recommended to try with your children!

“Onigiri” to Japanese People
Onigiri is one of the most well-known foods for Japanese people. You can wrap your favorite ingredients in freshly cooked rice and shape it gently with love.
You can make it easily at home, and you can find it almost anywhere for its popularity in supermarkets and convenience stores. There are even stores specializing in onigiri in eki-naka, the shops inside train stations, and machi-naka, meaning in the city.
It is easy to carry around in a lunch box, and you can also eat it quickly outside. So, you can say it is simple food but a big part of Japanese cuisine that children and adults love for lunch boxes in school, in picnics on holidays, and workdays for lunch.
It might remind Japanese people of their mother's cooking; their moms made onigiri with their favorite ingredients and sprinkled them with furikake seasoning when they were children.
*In Japan, they say “ofukuro no aji,” a taste of mother’s cooking, for the meals and flavors that they often ate at home when they were little. It means “dishes their mothers used to cook” and “dishes that remind them of family meals.”

Halloween in Japan
Halloween culture has become more prevalent in Japan, but it has no religious aspects. It seems to have become a popular event among young children and young people in which they wear costumes and enjoy themed decorations.
They have the same custom of decorating with props such as pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. Around September, stores start to display Halloween decorations and sell themed goods. Halloween events take place at theme parks, while restaurants offer Halloween-only dishes (such as pumpkins arranged in Halloween colors like orange, black, and purple).

Surely enough, this Halloween rice ball will be in the spotlight at parties. ♫
Would you please give this easy to make and adorable rice ball recipe a try?

Nutrition per Serving
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    • ■ Jack-o'-lantern rice balls ■
    • slices Smoked salmon (face)
    • as needed Nori seaweed (eyes, nose and mouth)
    • ■ Haunted rice balls ■
    • as needed Peanuts (hand)
    • as needed Nori seaweed (eyes and mouth)
    • as needed Ketchup (cheeks)
    • as needed Dried bonito flakes (hair)
    • ■ Eyeball rice balls ■
    • as needed Nori seaweed
    • as needed Mayonnaise (whites of eyes and eyelashes)


Step 1

Prepare onigiri filling of your choice.
(Recommended: tuna mayonnaise, salted kelp, grilled salmon)
Put the ingredients inside the rice ball.

※4oz (120g) of steamed rice per onigiri※

Step 2

Prepare the onigiri that will be used for the jack-o'-lanterns and eyeballs.
For the ghosts, after rounding the onigiri, shape into a ghost like shape by slightly pointed tip.

Step 3

■Make a jack-o'-lantern rice ball■
Put a piece of smoked salmon on top of the rice ball and squeeze it tightly with plastic wrap.
Make a face with nori seaweed and you're done.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

Step 4

■Make a ghost rice ball■
Break the peanuts in half and use them to represent the hands. Make eyes and a mouth with nori seaweed.
Put ketchup on a toothpick to make cheeks.
Attach bonito flakes to the hair and you're done!

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball

Step 5

■Make an eyeball onigiri■
Cut a piece of nori seaweed as shown in the picture and squeeze it tightly with plastic wrap.
Draw a circle and eyelashes with mayonnaise, and put a round piece of nori seaweed in the center.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Rice Ball


  • "Tuna mayo" is a delicious Japanese-style side. Make it by mixing the tuna, mayonnaise, sugar, white dashi and soy sauce.
  • 4 oz (120g) is a small rice ball. If you prefer a larger rice ball, try making a 5 oz (150g) rice ball.
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