Japanese Ginger Pork


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  • Time
    20 minutes
Japanese Ginger Pork

With its mouthwatering sweet and spicy sauce and the inviting aroma of ginger, Shogayaki is among the most popular dishes in Japan. It pairs well with rice and is commonly served at home as well as in restaurants.

Nutrition per Serving
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  • 0.4  lb thinly sliced pork loin
    • A
    • tbsp sake
    • tbsp soy sauce
    • 0.5  tsp grated ginger
  • tbsp vegetable oil
    • B
    • tbsp sake
    • 1.33  tbsp soy sauce
    • 1.33  tbsp mirin sweet cooking sake
    • tsp grated ginger
  • to garnish cabbage


Step 1


  • At several points in the sliced pork loin, slash the tendon running between the fat and lean tissue with the tip of a knife.
  • Cut the cabbage into fine strips.
  • In a bowl, mix the A ingredients then add the pork slices. Marinate well. (about 10 minutes)

Japanese Ginger Pork

Step 2

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Place the pork slices in the pan and fry both sides until brown.

Japanese Ginger Pork

Step 3

Pour the B mixture over the pork, reduce the heat to low, and continue to fry.

Japanese Ginger Pork

Step 4

Turn the heat back up to medium, shake the pan until the pork is covered with the sauce. When the simmering liquid turns sticky, turn off the heat.

Japanese Ginger Pork

Step 5

Arrange the pork on a serving plate, pour the remaining sauce over the pork, and garnish with shredded cabbage.


Ginger pork saute is one of the most popular meat dishes in Japan. The “donburi” version, where the pork slices are served on a bowl of steaming white rice, is also a must-try.

Cooking Tips

  • Lettuce can also be used as a garnish.
  • Pork loin is recommended to use since it’s relatively fatty and rich in flavor. You can also substitute this with thinly sliced chicken.
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