Rice Ball Wrapped with Pork

Niku-Maki Onigiri

  • By
    Anna Tanaka
  • Time
    50 minutes
Rice Ball Wrapped with Pork

This onigiri ―rice ball― rapped with meat is a favorite of both adults and children, and can be perfect for lunch boxes and as finger food for parties. The rice is mixed with corn, which gives it a fun, bouncy texture.
The sauce compliments the meat with a savory and robust flavor, adding to the satisfaction. The appearance is also very impressive compared to your standard rice ball. Enjoy!

Nutrition per Serving
  • Calories
  • Sodium
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Cholesterol


  • 30.86  oz Cooked rice (short grain)
  • 20  slices Sliced pork
  • tbsp Corn
  • 0.33  tsp Salt
  • A pinch All purpose flour
  • tbsp Soy sauce
  • tbsp Sugar
  • tsp Mirin (Japanese sweet sake)
  • tsp Sake
  • 0.5  clove Grated garlic
  • as needed Vegetable oil
  • to taste Chopped scallions
  • to taste Ground sesame seeds


Step 1

Prepare and cook the rice as usual.

If you cook 2.5 cups of rice with a rice cooker cup, it will serve about 10 rice balls (weight after cooking: 30.9 oz/875g).
*For instructions on how to cook rice, see the recipe in How to Cook Rice in a Pot.

Step 2

Once the rice is cooked, mix in the salt and corn. Once the rice is cool enough to handle, take a handful of cooked rice and mold into a firm spherical shape with both hands. The shape should have two flat sides for later ease of cooking.

Rice Ball Wrapped with Pork

Step 3

Roll the pork around the rice ball, squeeze it tightly and dust it all with flour.

Rice Ball Wrapped with Pork

Step 4

Heat a thin layer of oil in a frying pan and lay the rice ball on the pan so that the meat cooks. Roll the rice ball so that all sides of the meat cook. Once all sides are cooked, remove meat rice ball from the pan.

Step 5

Wipe off the oil from the frying pan with kitchen paper. Add soy sauce, sugar, mirin, sake, and grated garlic, and bring to a simmer to thicken.

Rice Ball Wrapped with Pork

Step 6

Put the rice balls back in the pan and spoon the sauce over them. Sprinkle with green onions and sesame seeds as desired.

Step 7

Remove from pan and serve on a plate.


  • Covering the rice ball wrapped in meat with flour helps to prevent the meat from coming off in the pan.
  • If you can get shabu-shabu meat, this will be easier to wrap around the rice ball than standard cut meat, as the shabu-shabu meat will be more uniform in size and thickness.
  • When grilling, don't touch the meat too often, or it will peel off. Roll the rice ball gently and don't touch it until the meat changes color.
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