Chicken Hot Pot

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Chicken Hot Pot

This mizutaki hot pot recipe is rich in umami from vegetables and chicken. Originating from Hakata-city, Fukuoka Prefecture, a visit to the region will confirm the many--locally famous-- hot pot restaurants frequented by visitors and residents alike. The soup stock from the boned chicken is rich in umami and collagen, with the ponzu soy sauce adding a refreshing citric dimension to the flavor. Enjoy the taste of the hot pot as prepared, or experiment with condiments like grated radish, shichimi pepper and yuzukosho (spice paste made from yuzu and chili peppers).

Nutrition per Serving
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  • 24.69  oz Chopped meat with chicken bone
  • 3.94  inch Dashi kelp
  • 19.69  inch Japanese leek
  • 10.58  oz Chinese cabbage
  • mushrooms Shiitake mushrooms
  • 3.53  oz Enoki mushrooms
  • 7.05  oz Shirataki noodles (Konjac noodles)
    • A
    • 0.6  cup Soy sauce
    • tbsp Lemon juice
    • tbsp Yuzu juice
  • tbsp Grated radish
  • as desired Shichimi pepper
  • as desired Yuzukosho


Step 1

In about 7 cups of water, bring to boil the rinsed kelp, chicken with bone, and green part of the leek in a pot.

Chicken Hot Pot

Step 2

After a few minutes of boiling, remove the kelp and the leek. Spoon out the lye that is floating on the surface.

*Leeks contain an ingredient called allyl sulfide, which has an odor eliminating property. The hard part of the leek that is often thrown away (green shoots) is used to remove the smell of the meat. Once this part of the leek has done its job, it can be discarded.

Chicken Hot Pot

Step 3

Boil for an additional 20 minutes. Then use a strainer to separate the broth from the ingredients.

Chicken Hot Pot

Step 4

Cut the Japanese leek (white portion) diagonally and the Chinese cabbage into thin strips. Remove the stems from the shiitake mushrooms and cut them into pieces. Cut away the base of the enoki to loosen them. Boil the shirataki (konjac noodles) briefly and then cut into easy to eat lengths. * The green portion of the leek should not be used.

Step 5

Combine the ingredients in step 4 and the chicken from step 3 with the broth and resume cooking at a simmer.

Step 6

Serve in a small bowl, pour ponzu soy sauce and enjoy. Add your favorite condiments such as grated radish, shichimi pepper or yuzukosho. Take note of the subtle changes in taste each condiment brings out!

Chicken Hot Pot

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