Spinach and Corn with Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Itame

  • By
    Hiroka Kobachi
  • Time
    5 minutes
Spinach and Corn with Teriyaki Sauce

The charred soy sauce gives off a rich fragrance, making for a delightful side-dish. A simple recipe prepared in a single pan. Remember that teriyaki is a 1 to 1 ratio of soy sauce and mirin (or sugar).
When stir-frying spinach, cook over high heat for one minute and see how the taste is enhanced further!

Nutrition per Serving
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  • Sodium
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fiber


  • 4.59  oz Spinach
  • tbsp Corn
  • 0.5  clove Garlic
  • tsp Olive oil
    • A
    • tsp Soy sauce
    • tsp Mirin (Japanese sweet sake)
    • A pinch Salt


Step 1

Cut and discard the base of the spinach where the roots are. Cut into 1 inch/ 3cm pieces, and soak in water for 3 minutes.

Step 2

Heat the olive oil, corn and garlic in a frying pan over medium heat and saute until the garlic is browned (2 minutes). Add the spinach and saute over high heat for 1 minute.

Step 3

Add ingredients (A) and stir-fry briefly.


  • Soak the spinach in water to remove the scum.
  • If you do not have mirin, use 1 tsp sake and 2/3 tsp sugar.
Japanese Side Dishes Expert

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Hiroka is a registered dietitian that has experience at cooking schools, vegetable stores and has made appearances in major recipe video media. While feeling doubts about the lack of casual vegetable dishes during an overseas trip, she discovered anew about the abundance of vegetables in Japanese foods, especially the importance of Japan’s side dish culture. One of her goals is to increase the number of people around the world who understand how to prepare balanced meals, especially through the use of side dishes.