Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

Sakusaku Yasai Kakiage

  • By
    Reiko Kono
  • Time
    15 minutes
Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

You may have heard of tempura, a famous Japanese dish usually consisting of various vegetables and seafood that are battered and deep-fried in oil. There is a type of tempura called “kakiage,” made by battering finely chopped vegetables and frying them in a circular shape.

Behind every delicious piece of tempura is seasoned craftsmanship. It is sometimes tricky to cook kakiage with finely chopped ingredients because it can be challenging to keep all of the vegetables together when frying. This recipe provides a few tricks to prepare the perfect vegetable kakiage without having to deep-fry at all.

Delicious Homemade Tempura with a Spin
It is challenging to replicate the restaurant-like taste of tempura. But this recipe makes it possible for anybody to cook a hot batch with a bit of ingenuity! If you coat the vegetables with flour before treating in oil, the ingredients are less likely to come apart even if there isn't enough batter. Adding mayonnaise and potato starch to the batter results in a light and crispy finish even when lightly fried in 2-3 mm of oil.

Enjoying Vegetables & Relishing the Various Flavors
This recipe calls for vegetables like onion, carrot and peppers. They add bright, vibrant colors to the dish. We recommend adding mentsuyu, noodle soup and curry salt (curry powder mixed with salt) at the end as a sauce. The variety of ingredients generates a constant change in flavors, so you never get tired of this versatile dish.

It calls for using just a little oil, making less of a mess than deep-frying would, meaning you’ll have fewer dishes to wash! It delivers a delicate harmony of crispy textured batter and vegetables. It’s also recommended to eat together with udon and soba noodles!

Nutrition per Serving
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  • Sodium
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  • Protein
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  • 3.5  oz Onion
  • 1.4  oz Carrot
  • Green pepper
  • tbsp Light flour
    • A
    • tbsp Light flour
    • tbsp Potato starch
    • tbsp Mayonnaise
    • tbsp Water


Step 1

Thinly slice the onion and shred the carrot.
Remove the seeds from the green peppers and slice them crosswise into strips.

Step 2

Place the onion, green pepper and carrot in a bowl and sprinkle with 2 tbsp of light flour.

Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

Step 3

Add ingredients (A) in another bowl and mix quickly. (Mix just enough so that there is still dry powder.)

Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

Step 4

Add the batter from step 3 to vegetables from step 2 and mix.

Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

Step 5

Heat the rape seed oil in a frying pan over medium heat until it reaches about 0.1 inches (2 to 3 mm) from the bottom.
Spread 1/8 of the mixture in a thin circle.

Crispy Vegetable Kakiage Tempura

Step 6

Turn over when one side is browned and remove when the other side is browned too.


  • Kakiage pairs well with noodle soup or curry salt.
  • We use only a small amount of oil, so it makes cooking and cleanup that much easier.
  • The batter is designed to be crispy without fail.
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